Develop custom ASP.NET based apps for your Business Processes like Service Portal, Ordering Portal & more.
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100% Tailor Made Solution

Tailor Made Solution means a solution which will be developed after understanding your business process/flow. The best part of making tailor made solution is that your application will work according to your business flow not vice versa. We provide Custom Billing, Accounting, CRM, HR, Service Management and more apps which can be integrated with eachother according to your business requirement / flow.

Stable, Secure & Robust

Every business needs a secure, stable and robust platform which in return gives productivity, productivity means profit. Betanet provides custom based app development which will be safe adn secure in terms of Data Privacy and user control. Manage your office’s crucial data with privacy and securitywith smooth backups and restoration facilities like User Control, Backup Manager and More.

Deployment & Support

After understanding your business flow and your requirement, we will develop and deploy the application  made on your desired platfomr. It can be a local server or can be deployed in cloud. Betanet will take care of your Deployment, Maintenance and Support for the app developed or even if you have an app developed, we can take care of the hosting platform providing configuring, backups, connectivity and more.

What we do for you

As you yourself are aware that every business runs on its own process and flow. When Betanet develops any custom ASP.NET based application solution, we consider each and every aspect of your business and design, code, deploy and maintain the application accordingly including below mentioned servcies we offer.


Understand Your Concept / Idea

First of all its very important to understand your business idea, Our experience counts here, we have developed application for various companies of different backgrounds so we are almost aware of many functions & flows which will be suggested from our team for your application from scratch.


Designing Workflow / Documentation

Once we understand the requirement along with your company process, we will design a workflow with considering all aspects of the business routine process & accordingly our workflow will be designed. Our concern is to provide application without disturbing routine work.


Project Breakup & Milestones

Once the workflow is approved, our team will work on the process of breaking up the application. So that the application developed can be utilised/implemented in your routine process and can be tested and enhanced according to requirement. 


Phase Wise Development

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Training & Deployment

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Support & Maintenance

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Betanet has been powering businesses with IT solutions since the past 14 years. In this period of time we have mainly understood one thing, our growth is proportionate to our clients growth. We are a passionate team first, an IT solutions company second. With a strong belief in providing the best of technology and consultation to our clients, we take immense pride in aligning our goals to our clients growth.

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