SSD Cloud Compute Instances & Hosting

Deploy your Cloud Compute Engines on 100% SSD Disk Storages with single clicks. Betanet provides Cloud Servers over various platforms like Amazon ECS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and many more.

Easy Deployment

Deploy the cloud server with your desired platform within minutes. Chose from your Linux Flavors like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Deploy Windows Server for your .NET applications. Betanet provides Cloud Computing on Amazon, Amazon Lightsail, Google Cloud, Azure, Vultr and more. Select Plan, Select OS, Select Location and deploy.

Platform & Connectivity

Speed, Performance and Stability is what you need for your business. We will help, guide you for Selecting location to Selecting platform for your apps. We are providing cloud computing over various platforms to many industries, from IT Companies to Manufacturing Industries. Take a cloud and start your Hosting Company Immediately within minutes with Cpanel Hosting or Plesk Hosting for Linux & Windows. Feel free to contact us for any queries related to Cloud Deployment.

Backup & Support

Every Cloud Compute Plan comes with an optional Backup Plan, Daily or Weekly, Take backup of your Complete Cloud Machine and restore when needed, or Deploy it as a New Cloud Machine. Coming to support, We have a dedicated Team to provide you support for all your queries, From OS Based to DNS Propagation or Migration. Betanet is always there with you.


Our technical team is experienced and qualified to deploy any of your cloud instances. Along with that, we provide configuration support, Backups, Restoration and technical troubleshoots for your Installed Apps and /or Deployed cloud instances over various platforms like Windows Server 2012/2016/2019, Ubuntu, Cent OS and more.

Backups & Snapshots

Once the clouds are deployed, our team provides full support for various backups solutions for apps installed within the cloud instance, or taking a complete routine backup of your cloud instance. Also as some updates or upgrades in OS or Application, Snapshot is used to take the last state of your cloud and restore it as and when needed.

Safe & Secure

Any cloud instances deployed from our end are fully automatic and we do not store any data on our systems, all the backups / snapshots are stored on the service providers cloud which makes your data more safe and secure as per their terms & conditions. We just monitor the backup process and if needed we provide our technical support.

Dedicated Support

Betanet is available 24/7 online to provide you support for your cloud. Whether it be a new deployment, migration from old cloud to new one, Data migration between servers, Configuration of various panels like Cpanel, Plesk Panel and deployment of Mail Servers over Windows or Linux Platforms.

WE offer

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Get your cloud for Instant Hosting Services with various Backend Hosting panels like CPanel and Plesk panel on CentOS and Ubuntu. Get Windows Hosting with Server 2016 along with Plesk Licenses starting from 10 Domains to Unlimited one. All configuration done and delivered within some time.

Take full control of your cloud and domains hosted from single panel.
File Upload, DNS Management, Email Server and all you need for hosting.
Migrate your old website or data from old servers to you new cloud.
MSSQL and MySQL database options for your custom applications.
Antivirus scanning, Configurable Firewall with regular updates.
Take regular backup of your cloud or a single website or only database

Easy Setup & Deployment

One Click Installs

For hosting multiple websites whether on Linux or Windows easy to use hosting panels like CPanel, Plesk panel for linux Operating Systems and Plesk Panel for Windows Operating System available providing you One Click Installs and Migration for your new or existing websites or applications like WordPress, WooCommerce, or any custom PHP or .NET applications.

Create new domain or Customer

Create package for your customer or domains

Multi PHP Functions for 5.6,7.x PHP versions.

Manage Bandwidth, Email, Disk Usage for every domain.

Features Making you a pro

Tools & Add-On

Migrate tools

Migrate from Old server to new server from Cpanel to Cpanel, Cpanel to Plesk, or Plesk to Plesk without losing a single file or facing any downtime.

Application Hosting

Easily start deploying various web applications like WordPress, WooCommerce, Mail Servers, buddy Press and many more.

SSL Hosting

Host all your applications on a Secured SSL layer with self assigned SSL (for testing) and interate new SSL like Domain Verification SSL or WildCard SSL within clicks.

For Everyone

Start deploying your cloud today!

Whether you want a cloud instance for your own application or you want to become a Hosting Solution provider to your clients/ customers. you are just a single click away to launch your new business.


Our Hot Selling Plans

Ready to Launch

Please feel free to contact us for any queries related to Cloud Instances and Application Platform. Our technical team will guide you with full details for launching your cloud with new app or with your current migration.