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Get a Custom E-Commerce platform designed along with Payment Gateway Integration for B2B or B2C products/services. 


100% Tailor Made Solution

Every Business runs according to its own process, thereby every E-commerce solution cannot be the same. A solution should facilitate your business and increase its efficiency, not change the way you do your business according to the solution provided. A tailor-made solution is a custom solution for your business, ensuring that your business gets what it needs with no compromises.

Stable, Secure & Robust

In the 21st Century, any IT solution requires data protection and security from malicious attacks over the internet. Customers prefer engaging with a business that runs with a smooth uptime while ensuring that their data is safe and secure. Our customised solutions ensure stability, security and protection for you and your client’s data privacy with no compromise on uptime and efficiency.

Deployment & Support

Betanet works as the digital partner for your business, always standing with you whenever you require functional support in deployment, maintenance, routine checks, etc. of your application and the platform on which it is hosted, while also providing guidance on strategy and further development requirements that helps your business maximise its reach and engagement with your clients.

What we do for you

We know that every business runs according to its own process. Team Betanet has experience in providing development solutions to businesses across various industries, gaining expertise that we offer for the growth of our clients.


Understand Your Concept / Idea

Understanding your requirements and vision for your business is our first priority, always. Once we have a thorough understanding of what you need, we design an E-commerce platform that covers all aspects of your requirements that in turn helps you cater to your clients in the best possible way.


Choosing Technology Platform

Betanet does not believe in limitations, for us or our clients. Our expertise ranges in a variety of platforms, that is why our solutions depend on what you need, estimated usage, upgrades, lifecycle of your business and the platform we choose covering all development, running and future costs.


Project Breakup & Milestones

We know every business runs according to it’s own process, and we understand that. That is why our team breaks down your projects/new concepts into phases, ensuring that your business does not break its momentum while consistently introducing new services/products to your clients, with ease.


Designing UI/UX

Betanet understands the importance of a brand, which is not limited to a design but is rather the identity of a company. Our expertise in designing and managing applications for businesses ranges in various industries thereby ensuring that your business and your application grow simultaneously as a brand.


Training & Deployment

Once the project is designed, Betanet provides complete support in deployment of your application to desired location, securing and backing it up to a platform of optimum usage, bringing out the best of your application. Followed by a detailed training to your team for managing your application full-time.


Support & Maintenance

Once your application is live and running, our support team ensures it is running smoothly and securely on the platform of your choice. Our team’s expertise is not limited to the application we create but also to the platform you host your application on, ranging from AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, etc.

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Betanet has been powering businesses with IT solutions since the past 14 years. In this period of time we have mainly understood one thing, our growth is proportionate to our clients growth. We are a passionate team first, an IT solutions company second. With a strong belief in providing the best of technology and consultation to our clients, we take immense pride in aligning our goals to our clients growth.

Technologies we use

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Completed 18 Years on Services, running on a single concept.

“Clients Growth is our Growth”


  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • ASP.NET Development


  • IT Infrastructure
  • Servers
  • Firewalls/VPN


  • Accounting / Inventory
  • Ecommerce 
  • Service Management


  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • ASP.NET Development

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