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Complete IT Solutions

Betanet does not believe in limitations. Whether it’s Windows, Linux, or Apple; we know how to facilitate your business needs ranging from Data Security, Safety, Backups, etc. all at the same time, a one-stop solution.

Security & Privacy

We at Betanet believe that we are your partners, not just your service providers. Thereby assuring tailor-made solutions for your management policies & implementation of user restrictions that are smooth and hassle-free.

Data Management

Data will always be the key factor for the success of a business. We ensure the safety, security, and ease of access to your Data in any kind of Natural or Machine disaster. Whether it is in local or on the cloud, we ensure it’s recovery.


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What we do 

One-Stop IT solutions.


Understanding Work Structure

We always start by understanding your business because every business is different from one another. It is important to precisely understand how each and every employee will get access to devices/data. Betanet has a vast experience in facilitating businesses and providing tailor-made solutions according to your work structure, thereby ensuring every employee is authorized according to the company policy.


Structuring & Designing

Once we understand the work structure of your company, it is our time to deliver our expertise by providing the perfect solutions covering all aspects ranging from User Login, User Control, Group policy, Data Management, Data Distribution, Data Backup, Mail Servers, Chat Servers, Web Servers, App Server and User Authorisation according to your work structure.     


Cabling & Connectivity

Network Designing is the backbone of any office network. Therefore, It is important to implement a network design best suited for your office’s network in order to ensure the strength and stability of your local network and/or wifi network in order to smoothly cater to the daily data transactions of your local network and the ones done on the internet.


Servers & Network Devices

Servers are essentially the heart of any network since it pumps in data into the network as and when required according to the predetermined user policy and requirements. Betanet has been facilitating networking solutions for 18+ years, thereby enhancing our expertise on all platforms ranging from Windows or Linux for Applications, User Management, Database, Remote Connectivity, VPN, Mail Servers, and More.


Safety & Security

Technology is a two-faced sword, it has its own merits and demerits. Data protection is a crucial task for any company as the amount of data stored increases, so does vulnerability to unknown attacks, Viruses, Trojans, and Ransomware. Our Expertise lies in formulating data protection and restoration strategies that protect your data from any compromises, ensuring data privacy and restoration after any corruption or loss.


Remote Connections

COVID-19 taught businesses the importance of a dynamic office structure that facilitates remote connections the same way their office does. Our expertise lies in the design and implementation of a remote working structure i.e a real-time virtual office that ensures the functioning of your business from anywhere in the world in the same way as your office, ensuring data access and User restrictions according to company policy.


Surveillance & Security

CCTV’s in the 21st century are considered an essential part of any business premise regardless of the scale of business. A strong Surveillance and security network of your work environment not only safeguard your business, but it also helps increase the efficiency of the daily working of your office. It is important to implement a surveillance system that ensures that the company premise is monitored without invading the privacy of any employee.


Cloud Storages

Cloud Storage is not a trend, but a wave of change that will become a necessity for any company in the future. It is the most reliable platform in terms of data security and ease of access and is increasing in popularity as it gets cheaper and easier to use. Cloud Storage can be used for realtime data distribution and/or routine backups in case of a disaster recovery scenario. Betanet offers customized cloud servers racing from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, and more.


Mail Servers

Mails have become the foundation of business communication and everybody uses it on multiple devices. Betanet provides customized solutions for various mail service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Rediff, etc. for online and offline mailing servers that facilitate your company’s requirements. Starting from 5 to 1000 users, configuring mail servers fulfilling all your needs is our expertise.

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Betanet has been powering businesses with IT solutions since the past 14 years. In this period of time we have mainly understood one thing, our growth is proportionate to our clients growth. We are a passionate team first, an IT solutions company second. With a strong belief in providing the best of technology and consultation to our clients, we take immense pride in aligning our goals to our clients growth.

We have Solutions for

Enterprise Companies

Enterprises working from single or multiple locations, all crucial data, information, mails, will be delivered or distributed accordingly.


From warehouses to manufacturing units, stay connected seamlessly, get quick and easy access to all your business data.


Financial Services

Companies providing Financial & Accounting services to clients, get all your applications running & data secured with realtime data & backups.


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