Following the latest trend of Technology, Betanet Pioneers in providing various Network Services which every company needs. It is cost effective and low maintenance which makes an organization to run smoothly without any downtime. our network services varies from business to business, whether its a small company from 10 employees to let it be 100s of employees. Our key focus is to make the Network environment very Strong, Stable, Secure and Virus free the lowest possible downtime.

Some of our key features are

Deploying Windows Server with Active Directory Services:

Centralized management of Users, Groups providing a centralised secure platform where users are given rights and priviliges according to their designations or groups. A Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016, Server provides many functions/features making an environment Safe, Secure and Smooth.

Centralized Storage: 

Data managed in a LAN is very important, Data stored, accessed and delivered according to rights is the key focus. Whether its a NAS or a ADS based file server Storage, Betanet provides you the perfect environment according to your requirement and our experience.

Backup Solutions:

Along with the centralized storage, arises a key concern of backup solutions. Our consulting covers from understanding your environment, designing networks, implementation of Network Services, Storage and than Backup. you ca totally depend on our backup solutions, whether its a single file restoration to a disaster recovery solutions, Betanet plans and implements accordingly.

Firewall Solutions:

Firewall is a serious point to consider for a network, No matter whether its a Hardware Firewall or a Software one, but as new viruses trojans and the new entry Ransomwares which now has become a company’s nightmare. Firewall is not only to save network from outside attacks, but also helps to monitor and restrict the local traffic going to internet. Making network more stable. We provide sales and support for Hardware firewalls like Cyberoam, Sophos and others to Opensource firewalls like PfSense, OPNsense, Smoothwall, IPCop etc..

For a low budget, fixed monthly fee Advanced Network Solutions offers a unique mix of support, remote monitoring and proactive maintenance that takes the hassle out of IT and provides a dependable, cost effective service. Our solution provides “all inclusive” managed services and support now and the strategic guidance necessary to leverage technology to grow your business well into the future.

Relax, our onsite support with KEY Services with,

With Advanced Network Solutions’ managed services and support your entire organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Predictable, fixed IT costs.
  • Regular updates and Latest Virus Definitions
  • Scheduled onsite maintenance and repair.
  • Remote monitoring of all Networks including systems and applications.
  • Online system health reports and security Logs.
  • One point of contact for all support needs.