Newsletter Services

Newsletters, Promotional Mails, Product Mails, Alerts, Transactional Mails in Inbox of your Subscriber. Create “n” number of campaigns and send, track mails.


Email Marketing, Newsletters, Promotional & Transactional Mails for your Products and Services.

Betanet newsletter Services are very simple yet very impressive in terms of mail delivery, mail tracking, link tracking, campaign monitoring and scheduling and more. Mail sent from our systems drops directly to the inbox of your subscriber. Engage your subscriber with your website/ services. Send automated responses on clicks by users. Compose, Design, Send & Track in some clicks and rest part is done by our systems.


Create a subscription list.

We do not restrict our users in creating the lists, create the lists or import all your contacts into our system directly and start a campaign instantly. No more data entry work needed. Login, Import and List is ready.


Create your Campaign

Once list is generated, just click on campaign and start designing your campaign. Send a single campaign to multiple list or all users in the go. easily manage where your subscriber will reply. Send or Schedule Campaign as you want.


Design your Campaign

Design your campaign in some clicks, no coding needed. Its as simple as if you are designing a letter in a word file. import Images, Videos and Social Media links in seconds. Beautiful Mail doesn’t need coding now.


Send , Schedule & Track

Once the campaign is ready, send the campaign instantly or schedule it when needed. No more waiting to send mails. Our real time analysis and tracking starts the moment your campaign starts. Send, Track and Engage.


Bounce & Blacklisting

Our tracking system is so strong that the mails once bounced, our system automatically makes that subscriber blacklisted. Next time you send a campaign, blacklisted users wont get that mails. No more spamming now.

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Your brand is how your customers see your business. It’s shaped by the way you represent yourself – professionally, socially and visually. It’s what makes you unique. It’s what makes you desirable.


Betanet Newsletter services are delivering more than 10 lac mails per month for various clients. Get benefit of our mailing system and deliver your Promotional Mails, Newsletters, Transaction Mails, Bulk Mails straight to inbox and start tracking what your subscribers are looking for. Bring Clients smartly to your business.

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If you are a Company, a Blog, a Education Field, you are at a right place. Our newsletter services will boost your business and will more genuine traffic to your business. Create, Design, Send and Track within a click. If not sure what exactly to do, yes our expert teams will guide you to how proceed. and achieve your desired goals.


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