Web Based Internet Applications

A web application is a software application that the user interacts with via a browser. Web applications are growing in popularity because they can be updated and maintained without having to distribute or install software on computers and because of their cross-platform compatibility.

At Betanet, we look past the development of stand-alone software applications. We specialize in taking and making your business processes online.

  • In the software development industry from more than 10 years, we have in-depth knowledge in web application development

  • We can develop custom websites, web applications & software on a wide range of technology platforms

  • We ensure successful implementation of client’s business strategies and enhancement of their operational excellence

  • Understanding the unique business challenges of every client, our website application development team has a thorough understanding of client’s objectives and works with them in close collaboration to come up with most appropriate web application development solutions

ECommerce Portals

Betanet specializes in developing dynamic database-driven E-Commerce Portals with user-friendly content management interfaces. This approach helps you reduce your total cost for updating and maintaining your website by allowing non-specialists to do all the work. We have a wealth of experience building and maintaining both B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions. Betanet’s E-Commerce solutions allow you to start trading online quickly and cost effectively. Your e-commerce website handles the entire sales workflow fast and securely. Handle customers, suppliers, billing, shipping, inventory effectively with our built to win E-Commerce solution.

  • Accommodate B2C and B2B business models

  • Maximize performance, scalability & adaptability

  • Allow easy merchandizing, marketing, catalog and order management, etc

  • Enables seamless integration of channels, processes and systems

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  • Facilitate rich customer experience

  • Heighten performance levels and speed up transaction processes

web application development Web Application Development woocommer4ce development gujarat ahmedabad india
  • Increased performance

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Elimination of duplication of efforts

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Quicker response to customer demands

Custom ERP Development

Most business organizations today are quickly adopting the use of custom ERP software solutions because as opposed to the common use of manual procedures and legacy applications, ERP programs are cost-effective and efficient. The Enterprise Resource Planning program is a system of integrated applications that are designed to automate different department/office operations (product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing) to a single database.

  • Standardization and greater visibility of business processes

  • More efficient utilization of corporate resources and assets

  • Better communication across departments and units

  • Increased accuracy and security of data

  • Quicker response to customer demands

  • Real-time access to the data you need

Web Application Development

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