Email Services

Email Services

Betanet offers premium email services, including mailing services by Microsoft and Google. We specialize in business emails and private mail servers, ensuring privacy, reliability, and seamless communication for businesses.

Microsoft Email Services

Get 50 GB Per Inbox, 1TB One Drive and other Microsoft features for your Domain.

Outlook Integration

Synced calendar, contacts, and emails for efficiency.

Advanced Security

Protection against phishing, malware, and spam.

Office 365 Collaboration

Seamless document sharing and team connectivity.

Integration with Teams

Unified communication and collaboration platform.

Google Workspace

Get 30 GB Inbox, Pooled Storage for your Domain, Per user Storage management and more for your domain.

Gmail for Business

Professional, ad-free email with custom domain.

Docs Collaboration

Real-time document editing with teams.

Meet Video Conferencing

Secure virtual meetings and webinars.

Security and Compliance

Advanced protection with data loss prevention.

SSL Certificates

Guarding Your Data: Enhance your site’s credibility and ensure users’ data remains confidential.

Top-tier Encryption

Safeguarding all data transfers.

Boost SEO Rankings

Search engines favor SSL-enabled sites.

Secure E-commerce

Essential for online transactions.

Variety of Choices

Ranging from basic to advanced protection.

24/7 Support

Always Here for You: Our experts are on standby, ensuring your online operations never falter.

Instant Issue Resolution

Minimizing potential downtimes.

Knowledge Base & FAQs

Empower yourself with information.

Live Chat

Real-time assistance for urgent queries.

Email & Phone Support

Reach out the way you prefer.

For 18 years, Betanet has offered transparent, secure domain and hosting services.

Leveraging powerhouse platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, we cater to a broad spectrum of enterprise requirements, ensuring optimal performance and unmatched security for all our clients.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate hefty hardware investments, lowering overall IT expenditures.

Dynamic Scalability

Instantly resize resource capacity, responding to real-time demand fluctuations.

Efficient Disaster Recovery & Backups

Simplify and expedite data restoration with cloud-based backup solutions.

Enhanced Global Accessibility

Utilize strategically located data centers for faster, localized content delivery.

Expert Cloud Consulting

Leverage professional advice to navigate complex cloud solutions, optimizing deployments.

Robust Security Measures

Employ cutting-edge encryption and security protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

Efficient cloud server deployment services: rapid setup, robust security, and 24/7 support for uninterrupted performance & scalability.